Martin’s Lights holds a large and continuously increasing inventory of industry-standard lighting and associated equipment. This equipment is subject to a regular and thorough maintenance and testing regime. Through our extensive network of contacts we are also able to source equipment not held in our own stock. Please contact Martin’s Lights by phone or contact form for availability, pricing and any other information you need about our hire stock.

Generic lighting

Generic lighting

  • Par 64s- single lamps, 4-lamp bars and 6-lamp bars, floor cans, outdoor weatherproof pars, barn doors
  • Par 64 ACL 4-lamp bars
  • Par 36 8-cell, 4-cell and 2-cell DWE blinders
  • Par 36 pinspots
  • Par 16 mains-voltage “birdies”
  • ETC Source Four profiles- with various lens tubes and a large selection of commonly-requested gobos
  • Halogen floods 500W
  • Strand Pattern 749 and Major WF10 1000W “vintage” floods
  • Festoons 20m, 20x BC lampholders, IP67-rated 16A Ceeforms in and out
  • Various other festoons 10m to 75m with a choice of lamp colours and types
  • Various custom-made generic light fittings
Intelligent and LED lighting

Intelligent and LED lighting

  • Robe ROBIN LEDWash 600 moving lights
  • Chauvet Intimidator Spot 355Z IRC moving lights
  • Stairville 36x 3W LED Par 64 floorcans, matt black
  • Stairville LED battens- 8x RGB cells, total 240x 10mm LEDs, 30 degree beam angle
  • Weatherproof static LED strings 10m & 20m, available in blue and cold white
Smoke, effects and other equipment

Smoke, effects and other equipment

  • Martin Atomic 3000 strobes
  • Vision 1200W discharge lamp followspot
  • 400W UV cannons
  • Starcloth- black wool serge cloths, white LEDs, 4-channel, up to 15m wide x 6m high
  • Mirror balls 20cm to 1 metre diameter
  • Various black drapes, white cyc, white voiles and other soft goods
  • Look Solutions Unique 2 hazers
  • Cirro Micromist hazer
  • Jem ZR31 DMX smoke machine
  • Low fog machine
  • Bubble machine

Control, dimming and power distribution

  • ChamSys MQ80 console
  • ChamSys Maxi Wing with touch screen laptop
  • ChamSys PC Wing Compact with touch screen laptop
  • ChamSys Extra Wing Compact
  • ChamSys MagicDMX (Full and Basic) USB to DMX interfaces
  • ELC DMX Buddy Artnet to 2x DMX universe interface boxes
  • USB touch screen
  • Various 6-24 channel DMX consoles
  • Swisson 5-way and 10-way DMX splitters/buffers
  • Talkback communications systems
  • Dimmer racks up to 24x 10A
  • Single dimmers and switch packs 4-channel and 6-channel
  • Single channel location dimmers- 16A in, 2x 16A out, DMX or stand-alone
  • Power distribution from 16A single-phase to 125A three-phase
Truss, rigging and lifting

Truss, rigging and lifting

  • Total Fabrications 50cm medium-duty truss
  • Mobiltech PAX290 30cm triangular truss
  • Manual chainblocks 250kg and 1 tonne, roundslings, shackles and safety steels
  • Manfrotto and Powerdrive winch stands up to 85kg load/3.6m height
  • Various smaller ighting stands and bases
  • Zarges ladders
  • Hundreds of rigging accessories